Premlinx provides outsourcing services to businesses of all sizes. From raw material procurement and supply chain management to all the reporting and data analysis, Premlinx provides you an unmatched quality of service.


We provide an array of services to assist with raw material procurement needs. These include vendor development, hard negotiations and research evaluation.

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Marketing and
Web Development

We help you command attention in local searches and drive footfall to your doorstep. Our app development team blends innovation and functionality to create user-friendly applications that engage and streamline interactions. Our web development artisans meticulously craft virtual landscapes that not only enthrall with their visual elegance but also navigate seamlessly, leading visitors on an immersive journey of exploration and engagement..

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Finance and

Allocation of funds in the appropriate departments plays an essential role in every business and helps in elevating the overall business value. Premlinx can help with your resource allocation needs to ensure your business is headed in the right direction.

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Understanding of each sector of your business is crucial for making decisions, Premlinx uses data extraction, report automation and dashboards to ensure you your decision is always the right one.

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Premlinx can help you establish a travel management program for all your corporate travel needs using powerful cost saving tools and techniques. Our experienced travel consultants will maintain your travelers profiles and provide a turnkey travel solution to ensure your trips are headache free

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Logistics is vital for any company and hence forms the backbone of the overall supply chain management process. Whether its LTLs, TLs, Bulk, Rail, small package or international shipments, Premlinx has extensive experience in delivering turnkey solution including negotiating contracts with world class carriers.

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Need an extra hand but don’t want to go through the hassle of screening, hiring and then managing the employees/contractors, Premlinx has a one stop solution for all your virtual assistant, appointing setting, lead generation, research and data entry needs.

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Supply chain management has become a very complex process. With new techniques and technologies coming into play, it is essential that we undertake measures of scrutiny to enhance our efficiency.

Managing the raw materials’ sourcing is an extremely challenging task. In this aspect, Premlinx has been helping all their clients since 2005 by exhibiting consistent performance. We have been striving to procure the best raw materials on behalf of our clients. For this, we employ a variety of techniques, which are now being used very commonly in the outsourcing business.

The services we offer for procurement purposes include:

Data Analytics (Dashboards & Reports)

Dashboards and reports are a sure-fire way to get to know the efficiency of the various segments of a business. It provides a general overview of any key objective of a business, for example, marketing and sales. At Premlinx, our experts are fully equipped with all the software to help enhance the productivity of dashboards.

Reports are a more formal and detailed way to analyze any business objective. It takes more time to weigh the pros and cons of each decision.

Excel Reports

This data collection method is very similar to dashboards and analytical reporting. Although the software in use might differ but normally, Microsoft Excel is used. Our experts help collect all the relevant data with respective to the objective under consideration. They then analyze it keeping in mind various aspects of the business, and taking into account any restrictions provided by the client.

Office Automation (Excel / Word / Access / PowerPoint)

Premlinx officials have a command over all the existing Microsoft applications. Each application is used for a different purpose. Microsoft Excel and Access are usually employed for the purpose of data management. Microsoft Word is used for reporting and PowerPoint is used in making detailed presentation for our clients’ benefit.

Data Extraction

The most important task of all the above-stated services is to extract the data that fulfils the needs of our clients. Premlinx is a company, on which a client can trust with the safekeeping of all their data. We use advanced data extraction methods to ensure that all the data we extract is authentic and meets the requirements and specifications of our clients.